All the members of the Law Firm Abogado Amigo strive to offer a quality service in order to provide effective solutions to the problems of our clients. Therefore is essential a continual and deep training of the lawyers who cooperate to solve each dissension. A solid base in Civil Law makes a lawyer quite capable of achieving efficiently a solution to resolve whatever conflict that might arise between individuals. If you need any expert attorney in Civil Law do not doubt to ask for a date with us.

You will be able to be received in our Law Firm main office in Valencia or in any of our other offices (Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, Cartagena, Valladolid or Italy) just using this form.

Civil Law AttorneysCivil Law Attorneys

Our group of lawyers accumulate research and expertise in all the fields of Civil Law in order to find out the best alternative for every proposed issue:

  • Inheritance and Succession Lawyers. From counseling to put in order your testament suggesting the best institution for your needs before the probate performance, the writing of partitional memorandums or the vindication of the heirs legitimate rights.
  • Attorneys for Civil Contracts: In the same way for the writing of your contracts by expert lawyers, as well as for the vindication and defense of your rights: Trading, lease, evictions, loans, bails and guarantees, permutes, mandates…
  • Family Law Attorneys: one of the most important fields of Civil Law Attorneys: Marriage settlement, incapacities, nourishment, paternity and filiation, guardians, divorces (in the same way for those with mutual agreement or with litigation), putting special care on the research of shared custody and the Valencian Law wich regulate it.
  • Specialist Attorneys on Mortgage Law with a large training in these fields: Mortgage Law, Registration Law, Notarial Law (writing of notarial documents, transfer in payment, execution of guarantees, domain records…)
  • Property and Real Estate Rights.
  • Special or Provincial Law. We know all the special fields of every Provincial Law in order to codify the legal affairs that might need it: Inheritances, financial marriage rules, family relations, property rights…
  • Claims of credits and payment order procedures.

Lawyer in SpainCivil Law Attorney

The Civil Law is the essential base of whatever Legal System. From the Roman Law, the main Civil Law institutions of our Legal System have been developed.

Today, our Civil Law Attorneys must know the wide regulation wich regulate every legal relationship, as well as the conflict rules that might arise in their application. Each situation is different and every problem that is posed by our clients need a personalized and original answer to safeguard their legal interest.

We search for solutions to solve your Civil Law problems and we strive for your advantage. Civil Law Attorney Lawyer